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Acharya Neeraj is a renowned astro-psychologist with a proficiency in Vedic Astrology. He has been providing astrological counsel to people across the globe since 12 years. He is a qualified from Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Snasthan, Dwarka, Delhi. He started predicting at an early age and surprisingly all his predictions came true. This was a truly enlightening experience which convinced him that he was blessed by Goddess Saraswati to perform his karma in the field of astrology.
By combining his spiritual awakening with a sense of curiosity and learning and a strong sense of social empowerment, he became a qualified business astrologer. He closely observed people from different walks of life and gained expertise in analyzing birth charts from the perspective of mind. He also figured out the various ways in which planetary configuration impacts our thoughts and decisions, which, in turn, influence our reality. This technique has helped him unleash massive transformation in people’s lives, right from senior political functionaries, CEOs, CXOs to the common man. His other areas of expertise include career counseling, love and relationship compatibility analysis and providing effective remedial measures. He frequently writes astrological articles for leading newspapers and magazines like Nav Bharat Times and Business World.


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