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இந்தி, ஆங்கிலம் மொழி 17 விமர்சனம் Delhi இடம்
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I belong to a Brahman Family, I am certified Vedic Astrologer from Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan.. and, Tarot Card Reader. I specialize in Phalit Jyotish. From Last four years. I am ex-student of Acharya V Shastri. I have been predicting about life and its events like Love/Marriage, Child Birth, Career, Job/business, Foreign Travel, Health, Sade-Sati, I recommend very simple and accurate remedies to people. I also do research and come out with unique methods for all kind of Vedic remedies to resolve the problem also I do not give any superstitious definition to anyone that is why people are happy with my consultation.
I have been a great Fan of Occult Science since my graduation days. I started reading about occult science and slowly getting into deep. Coming from Information Technology background, I diverted myself towards occultism and went into deep dive. I learned & practiced Vedic Astrology, Angel Healing; I consult, guide and help people resolving their issues.


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